Gunkul Trading & Agency 

Our Services

GKT provides the full ship management to the Ship’s Owners. Our teams are professional in ship management as they have a long experience on board on sea services and technical management.

We always protect Owner’s interests, to save budget,to save time, to meet Owner’s requirements.

Our services were including the following
  • Provide the cargos for Vessel Owners.
  • Engage Vessel Ownersto Time Charter, Voyage Charter.
  • Prepare Voyage Plan, Voyage Instruction.
  • Monitoring Vessel Performance
  • Provide plan Vessel Maintenance , Repairing, Dry Docking to Owners Vessel
  • Provide Ship Store, Spare Parts, Machinery toVessel Owners.
  • Arrange crew members to join onboard and Crew Management.
  • S&P Management to the Ship’s Owners.
  • Provide the Safety Management System

GKT provides and offersa completerange of shipping agency services for vessel call in any portsof Thailand.

Our clients are including in dry cargo, ship’s owners, and operators and trading companies who we always offer competitive and reasonable charge.

Our agency services are including.
  • Owners shipping agent
  • Charterers shipping agent
  • Owners protecting agent
  • Vessel dry docking call / Special survey call
  • Bunker call agency
  • Crew sign on & sing off formalities
  • Supervise on discharge, loading operation.
  • Supply Ship’s Store, provision, spare parts, Fresh water, Lubrication oil , etc.
  • Provide custom clearance of the Ship’s spare in transit to the vessel
  • Other services as per Owners’ and Vessels’ requirements.

GKT has activities in dry cargo, dry bulk cargo as ship brokerage. We provide service to Thai vessel and other foreign vessels. Main cargos are for agriculture product,gypsum,coal, clinker & bag cement.

Our services are including.
  • Cargo Brokering
  • Arrange Stevedore & Supervisors for operating on the cargo operation of discharge & loading
  • Provide Charter parties of voyage charter & time charter
  • Monitoring the vessel under our charter party
  • Calculate voyage estimate , laytime calculation
  • Cooperate with Shippers , Consignees under our charter party
  • S&P works

Our teams have expertise with long experience in the ship repair. We always maintain as Owners’requirements with the competitive cost and time concern.

Our main works are as follow
  • Engine repair
  • Deck machinery repair
  • Steel works
  • Supply deck & engine store and Ship’s spare part
  • Customs clearance service for ship’s spare in transit to the vessel.

We can arrange the bunker products in main port of Thailand such as Bangkok , Kohsichang , Leam Chabang and Maptaphut port

The main available productsareas follow
  • Marine fuel oil -IFO180cst
  • Marine fuel oil -IFO380cst
  • Marine Diesel oil
  • Marine Gas oil
  • Lubrication oil in drum